Omni Pod

New for 2018

           MiPod Solutions are pleased to announce the launch of the new “Omni Pod" range for the 2018 season.

           This range, developed in collaboration with Paddy Costeloe, a full-time wheelchair user, is designed to be completely “Universally Accessible” with the goal of enabling “ access for all.”

           The Omni Pod is the first and only fully universally accessible Pod on the market. With level entry, wide doors and turning circles of at least 1.5m in all the right places, it is completely wheelchair friendly. The tasteful, innovative and thoughtful design provides maximum versatility which creates an environment in which healthy and ambulant people, can feel equally at home as people with many varying degrees of physical impairment. 

           The Omni Pod concept has been developed in conjunction with the design team at MiPod Solutions whom, are known to be, producers of some the most innovative and highest quality pods in the UK. Together this collaboration offers holiday operators a turn key solution to the growing needs and demands of the leisure industry.

For more information contact us on or 07790992370