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Do I need planning permission for my Glamping Pod?


Before installing one of our structures it is important to establish if planning permission is required or not for the development.

There are many different factors to take in consideration which can determine whether planning permission is required or not.


Home Owners:

If you are a home owner and would like one of the units within the curtilage of your house then the regulations for such developments are within Class E of the town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.

Planning permission is required if:

  1. The total area of ground covered by the Pod withing the curtilage (other than the original house) would exceed 50% of the total area of the curtilage (excluding the ground area of the original house)

  2. Any part of the Pod would be situated on land forward of a wall, forming the principal elevation of the original house (normally the front of the house)

  3. The Pod would have more than a single storey

  4. The height of the Pod would exceed:

    • 4 metres in the case of a Pod with a dual-pitched roof

    • 2.5 metres if the Pod is within 2 metres of the boundary of the curtilage of the house

    • 3 metres in any other case (flat roof)

    • The height of the eaves of the Pod would exceed 2.5 metres

  5. The Pod would be situated within the curtilage of a listed building

  6. It would include the construction or provision of a verandah, balcony or raised platform


If you are lucky enough to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the Broads, a National Park or a World Heritage Site then planning permission would be required in all instances.


If the development doesn't require planning permission, then it could be used as a summer house, reading room or an office for sole use.


However, the Pod shouldn't be used as a self contained residential unit or a business which employs people because this would require planning permission.


In some areas, Councils can enforce and apply their own regulations regarding such developments so for instance, if you live in a Conservation Area, then our Planning Consultant can make contact with your Local Authority Planning Department to obtain the necessary information.




If you are a business and wish to install Pods on your site, then planning permission would be required as the rules that benefit home owners do not apply for commercial activities, however, you have a number of options on how to approach the matter.


Our Planning Consultant will meet you at your site and will listen to your proposal scheme and provide you with the necessary advice to establish whether or not the scheme is viable and would receive support from your local Council. Formal 'Pre Application Submissions' can be prepared by our Planning Consultant and this provides you with formal feedback from the Council as to whether they would support the submission of a planning application.


Such a service involves the formulation of a report which is submitted to your local Council. This report includes information such as the nature of your scheme, scale of proposal, need for the development and how we believe it complies with Local and National Policy. This route is probably best for new businesses who are embarking on creating a first site for the Pods, taking in consideration that many of these sites are located in open countryside where new development is more contentious. Following this feedback, we can determine a way forward with your proposal.

If your business is an existing leisure facility, then you can still submit a formal 'Pre Application Submission' to ascertain if your Council would support an extension to your site, or you could submit a full planning application which would require the submission of detailed plans of your proposal and written documentation to justify the proposal.


The architectural aspects of a planning application are provided 'in house' so this avoids the need for expensive architects fees. All aspects of the planning application are managed by our Planning Consultant who has extensive experience in the leisure and tourism sector at both public and private sector level.


Our Planning Consultant:


Benson Planning Studio is a Hull based, UK operating, Planning Consultancy with over 13 years' experience in the leisure and tourism sector. They provide professional town planning advice and services to clients within the leisure and tourism sector and have obtained planning permission for many schemes in this area. The company can provide you with site appraisals to ascertain the suitability of land for your development, feasibility studies to show how you can maximise the potential of your site, submit pre-application enquiries to the Local Planning Authority to obtain their views on your scheme and also submit full planning applications on your behalf. 


For more information, visit their website: 

or get in touch


Mob: 07757121639

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