Why get into glamping?

With the popularity of staycations in the UK showing continual growth, it would seem there’s never been a better time to start your own glamping business.

Bracken Burrows site is pictured above

Glamourous camping, or glamping as it’s now more commonly known, has seen a huge spike in popularity in the last three years, with more and more traditional campsites moving to offer glamping experiences to meet the growing consumer demand.

In 2016 alone, more than 17 million camping and caravanning trips were taken in the UK, a figure that is expected to increase in 2017. A number of factors can be attributed to these figures – one of which being that campsites and parks are diversifying their sites by adding a variety of glamping accommodation units, such as pods, huts and yurts. 

These structures can provide a range of amenities depending on specification, with the top end offering en suite bathrooms, kitchenettes and central heating - meaning holiday makers can stay in them even through the colder winter months. This has led to site and land owners being able to generate a healthy revenue stream all year long. A stark contrast to the past where park and camp site owners relied on a busy summer season for 80% of their yearly income. 

It’s not just campsite owners who are exploiting the current glamping surge, with farmers across Britain moving to maximise profit on their land by siting various units. Other businesses looking to capitalise by adding glamping accommodation options are rural hotels, wedding venues, fishing lakes, golf clubs, as well as holiday and leisure parks.

The return on investment for glamping sites has also proved to be highly lucrative; with most able to pay off set up costs and move into profit within two years based on an occupancy rate of just 40%.

A huge advantage to the investment for most is the unit lifespan. In general, a pod should last anywhere upwards of 20 years before the roof needs replacing, (assuming it is well maintained). This means that after the initial upfront costs, as well as ongoing maintenance, any other income generated is purely profit. 

Once established, a glamping site is the perfect answer to a low cost, long lasting business with a lucrative return for years to come!

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